Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winery Construction-Week 3 Recap

Another week has passed, along with a lot more banging in the basement.  This week saw several major steps forward, although visually the progress isn't spectacularly visual.  We had a little bit of excitement on Thursday night when the new furnace burners stopped functioning.  A tiny gas return valve had failed so the burner unit shut down.  My HVAC expert says this is the first time in 8 years that he's seen that valve fail.  But it was quickly fixed and we're rolling ahead.

Week 3 Big Steps:
1) All framing complete and soffit work begun
2) Rough electrical work completed.
3) Rough plumbing work in progress
4) Passed our electrical inspection with flying colors!!!!!

The 2 photos below show the completely framed bottled wine storage room from the southeast exterior corner and a close up of the room.  Nothing fancy since this is just for storage of bottle case goods.  The walls will be insulated with the sealed floor serving as a passive heat sink to cool the room.

This is the view of the sink area from the northeast exterior corner (where all the tanks will sit).  If you squint hard enough, you can see the roughed plumbing for the 3-bay sink and handwash sink.

This outlet is thrilling to me because I'm finally getting a 220V outlet in the basement to power some of the larger equipment that I'm purchasing!  Not that impressive looking at a glance, but just had to share.  :)

Now that the winery room walls are framed, I'm going to stop showing progress on the residential side of the basement after this one last shot of the adjacent bathroom.  Plumbing is in full swing with the installation of the shower unit in progress.

Rough plumbing should be completed on Monday with the plumbing inspection set for Tuesday or Thursday.  Once that's done we can start spray insulation on the walls, which is tentatively set for next Thursday-ish.  Lots of work done, but still lots to go!


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