Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another Summer Santa Treat!

Well, folks, it has been awhile since my last post. Been dealing with some personal upheaval in my life that occurred this summer that drained a lot of energy and time. Now that part of my life is over and closed, time to get back to some drinkin' and bloggin'! Don't worry, faithful readers, I've been saving tasting notes and stories in a big stack that I will slowly recapitulate over the next few weeks.

Starting where I left off in June, I wanted to relate some information on another bottle of wine I received during the Summer Santa Swap. This little gem came from Mr. Hart of Hart's Wine Cellars in western NY. Mr. Hart is an extremely knowledgeable (and quite skilled) winemaker who specializes in making wine from hybrid and vinifera grapes grown in western NY. I feel privileged to be the recipient of two of his wines and wanted to share my tasting report on his 2006 Dry White.

Hart's Wine Cellars 2006 Dry White

Specs: 40% vidal, 35% vignoles, 25% cayuga

Appearance: Clear, light straw yellow, good legs!

Aroma: Light and fruity with a bright acidic finish. Citrus and floral aromas dominate with the aromas of vignoles shining through.

Taste: Smooth, light fruit foretaste. Good mid-pallette body (there's the vidal standing up) and a slightly buttery finish.

All in all a very nice wine from a talented wine maker. The blend of grapes was very nice and balanced and produced a wine that was perfect for summer sipping.