Saturday, March 2, 2013

Winery Construction Week 1 Recap

One week into the project and things are moving along.  Here's a brief recap with some pictures.

1) Bathroom framed except for wall beside furnace
2) Bedroom framed except for exterior wall that has to wait until the window has been enlarged to egress size.
3) Water heater replaced and moved to accommodate bedroom wall.
4) Some framing along winery walls
5) Ceilings prepped for sheet rock installation.
6) Speaking of ceilings, we finally got clarification on what needs to be installed for 2 hr fire barrier in the winery space.
7) Inside concrete cuts for egress window in bedroom and larger window in great room done.  Have to wait until next week to dig the window wells and make the exterior cuts.

It's hard to see the concrete cuts in the pictures, but that's the straight dark lines under the windows.  Made quite the racket and mess doing that!

Next week will be a big one.  Windows installed & furnace replaced.  All framing should be done and we'll get started on the electrical work.  The change in the pictures should be dramatic!



Steve said...

Wow, they're making you install a 2 hour separation between a winery and living space? Seems very excessive!

Looking good.


MA Winemaker said...
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MA Winemaker said...

I agree, especially since getting table wine to ignite is next to impossible. The winery space is being treated like a commercial property, hence the fire barrier. I do have to give the town credit for accommodating the winery. It's something completely outside of anything they've ever considered and they are trying. If I have to slap up an extra layer of sheetrock to make everyone happy, so be it.