Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winery Construction-Week 2 Recap

The construction excitement continued during Week 2 even though it ended up being a short week.  Monday was a big day as the new 99.5% efficient furnace was installed.  It's definitely made an impact on heating the house since it notably turns on fewer times in a day and the house just feels warmer.  The only drawback is that it sounds a little like a jet engine when it starts up.  Tuesday morning also started with a bang as it was time to dig the egress windows.  I should have snapped some photos of the small backhoe that showed up and crawled across the yard, but that completely slipped my mind during the flurry of truck packing and answering final questions for the contractors so I could drive to Lancaster, PA to attend the Eastern Winery Expo.  My wife worked late all this week so I was left in the dark while I was in PA regarding each day's progression.  A little anticipation makes the end result all the more impressive.  The Expo was an excellent educational and fun experience, but more on that later.  As many of you will know, Winter Storm Saturn paid a visit to the mid-Atlantic area on Wednesday before heading out to sea and curling back towards New England.  Based on the weather forecasts, I expected that most of the storm would be gone by the time I hit the road on Friday morning. you know, the forecasts were wrong.  Saturn arrived in MA a little late on Thursday and then hung around longer to dump far more snow that anyone expected.  I managed to drive safely home (with some harrowing parts in upstate NY and CT) to find a 3 ft pile of snow at the end of my driveway that was also covered in ~10 inches of heavy wet snow.  The contractors had wisely chosen to stay home on Friday so it was left to me to dig into the driveway.  The end of that story is that I am in desperate need of a larger snowblower...

But what of the construction that had happened in my absence???  Even with a short week, a lot of work was accomplished.  Both egress windows were dug and window wells installed.  The cut concrete has been removed and the openings framed.  Window installation awaits arrival of the windows (next week) so the openings are temporarily boarded up, which makes the basement a lot darker at the moment.  The bathroom has been completely framed and some rough plumbing has been started.  The new furnace just looks so cute!  The wall dividing the great room and the winery has also been partially framed.  The mechanical closet and bedroom closet still need to be framed, but that will be done after the windows are installed.

Inside the winery room, lots more framing has been done with every wall finished except for the storage room.  To give you an idea of what the space will look like, I took photos from each of the corners.  The first is looking from where the sink area towards the basement door.

This shot looks from the office corner towards what will be the bottle storage room.

This shot looks from the outside wall towards the sink area where some rough plumbing lines have been run.

Still lots of work to do, but the walls are beginning to take shape!  Electrical and plumbing will be the primary focus during Week 3.


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