Sunday, March 24, 2013

Winery Construction Recap--Week 4. It's insulation time!

Another week of banging & sawing in the basement and we're several big steps closer to the finish line.  All of the framing has been completed, along with rough plumbing and electrical work.  There were a slew of building inspectors coming through to check on the work and we passed each inspection with flying colors!  Friday was the most dramatic day of change since this was the day for insulation.

 The perimeter concrete walls received a 2-inch coating of closed cell spray foam insulation by folks from The Green Cocoon out of Salisbury, MA, who did an excellent job of spray installation and clean up.  There's a reason why that insulation is colored light green.  My Iowa farm roots beat loud and proud when I learned that the spray foam insulation was made from soybeans!  Not only is the insulation made from sustainable materials, but it contains no VOCs, HFCs, or CFCs.  I will admit that it was still a smelly process while they were working (we abandoned ship for the local shopping mall), but a quick airing out of the house for about 30 minutes and the odor was gone.
The bottle wine storage closet received a layer of conventional R15 fiberglass insulation and moisture barrier.

The basement is finally starting to look like separate rooms with the walls insulated.  Quite the dramatic change from a forest of studs!  Next week will be even more dramatic as we start to hang sheet rock panels.  Beginning to feel like it's all down hill from here!


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