Saturday, September 12, 2009

Class is over...for now

Well, most of the nation is just starting the new school year, but I have officially completed the first course in the UC Davis Winemaking Certificate program. Took the final this morning on a dreary & rainy New England fall day. Pretty perfect setting for a final exam! I really must thank the staff at the Westford Library for serving as my proctor for this class and making sure that I didn't cheat. Can't be too careful with us winemakers, you know!

I'm glad the final and course are done. Pretty sure that I did OK on the final. But they weren't kidding when they said they were going to make the final harder after the class showing on the midterm. They pulled out some really obscure details and focused on what I would have termed as the less important sections. Oh well, I wasn't the instructor so I really shouldn't complain too much. Otherwise people will think I'm pre-med major! Did good enough to pass and that's all that matters.

So, now I wait for an opening in the second course. Probably sometime next fall.

Back to my winemaking...
MA Winemaker


Anonymous said...

Are you planning to continue with the certificate program?

MA Winemaker said...

Actually just started the third course in the series about 2 weeks ago. The 2nd course (wine production) was much more what I was looking for. The third course is on viticulture, which is fascinating, but I don't have a desire to plant a vineyard myself. Will let someone else be the dirt farmer!