Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking ahead to 2013

The end of an old year and the start of a new year always seems to put folks in a reflective mood, and I'm not different.  After a dinner of seafood paella and a glass or two of 2007 Prima Toro, I barely managed to stay awake to see the new year enter...although I seem to dimly recall someone nudging me awake just in time.  OK, I'll admit that Shawna nearly had to push me off the couch to get me awake.  However, the tables are turned this morning as I'm spending a few moments with the house to myself while she slumbers.

A lot was accomplished around Aaronap Cellars in 2012, even though we aren't quite ready for commercial production yet.  With all of the licensing complete, we are in the process of final negotiations with the contractors and hope to begin construction in the basement in January or February.  The winery should be in good shape to actually begin to ferment a thing or two in the spring and full production should be ready for the fall harvest.  We are turning a big corner as the new year dawns--with the ground work laid in 2012, the scene is set for a full sprint to commercial production in 2013.

As things are clicking along, I invite my faithful readers to stay tuned to the exciting developments.  There will be lots coming....winery unveiling, winemaking news, wine tasting events, and retail opportunities!

Happy Holidays to all and may 2013 bring peace and happiness to you!

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