Sunday, July 29, 2012

Aaronap Cellars is MA latest Farm Winery!

I was planning on sitting down at the computer this afternoon and muse about the cork choices that I've made since I began making wine.  Even had a killer title picked out:  "Corks......"

But life threw a little curve at me so we'll put that post off until later....


Yep, you read that correctly!  Aaronap Cellars is now officially licensed to produce and sell wine by the Federal and State licensing authorities!

I chuckle because it was a rather anticlimatic ending.  I had had an inspection visit from the MA ABCC (that's Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission for you non-MA natives) scheduled for this past Monday afternoon.  I stressed out all weekend and spent Sunday afternoon rearranging the basement in attempt to clearly delineate that the winery space would be since I haven't started construction yet.  Then the inspector spent 5 minutes in the basement to verify that I had 2 exits/entrances and gave the same answers to some questions on the application, and boom, done.  After signing the inspection report, he said he'd clear the application off his desk as soon as he ran the background report and I'd be hearing from the licensing folks in 1-2 weeks.  Given that timeframe, I wasn't expecting any word for awhile and didn't bother to check the Aaronap Cellars email account until Saturday when I had a few moments....

Turns out I had received an email from the ABCC on Wednesday and they would be mailing the signed license to my business address.  After staring at the screen for a few minutes, I went running out of the office in search of Shawna to share the news.  A quick series of hugs & joint exclamations of joy, and then I dashed to the mailbox where, low and behold, was the signed license!

Lesson learned--check the work email account more frequently after inspection visits!

I do believe we are going to celebrate with a bottle of sparkling wine tonight while cooking dinner.  Perhaps a local sparkler from Westport Rivers to go with the local haddock from Cape Ann Fresh Catch??  Seems appropriate, don't ya think?


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Hedgehog said...

Congrats on finally getting your license. I'll have to drop in to see how it all looks now. BTW, the Petite still tastes fine...