Friday, June 5, 2009

UC Davis Winemaking Certificate Application Submitted

I took the plunge tonight and submitted my application for the UC Davis Winemaking for Distance Learners Certificate program. Feeling a little nervous at the moment (just like sending out college applications!), but I think this is an important step for me. If I'm accepted, completing the coursework will require a lot of evening homework and polishing off those rusty General Chemistry & Analytical Chemistry skills!

A MA Winemaker


Anonymous said...

How is the course going? Is it self paced? Do you need a chemistry background? Will you need to go to the Davis campus for the final exam?

Have a great time, as this has long been a dream of mine too!

A Wine Student said...

So far so good. Of course, it's only been 2 lectures. The first course is self-paced with mid-term and final exams. I had to find a local proctor to administer the exams. You do need some knowledge of chemistry for the later courses (like a general chemistry college-level class) to be able to do some of the basic analytical calculations and understand the yeast sugar metabolism reactions, etc. But you don't need a chem degree!

Ali said...

My husband just decided to pursue this dream, as well. He will be applying to the UCD winemaking cert. course very soon. Do you know if it's tough to get into or does the wait-listing start for the 2nd and subsequent courses? We are very interested in any info you have on this. He is very excited to get started.

A Wine Student said...

It's actually pretty easy to get into as long as your husband has had a college-level chemistry course or will take one by the time he takes the second course of the series. The wait list starts for the 2nd course and then you move through as a block. But the first course is easy to get into--just pay the fee! Send me an email and we can chat off-line.