Friday, July 11, 2008

Santa Claus came early this year from Paradoxx Winery

I'm fortunate to be a member of the on-line home winemaking forum Winepress.US. Last December, a great tradition of Secret Santa wine swapping was started. I wasn't able to participate because I was in the midst of moving and unpacking, but I jumped at the chance when the suggestion was made to repeat the swap in July as an Early Secret Santa. All participants are put through a highly specialized and technical system to match swapping partners (OK, we draw names out of a hat!), and then we send 1-2 wines to each of our partners.

I recently received a package from KC from Texas, proprietor of Paradoxx Winery, and decided to try a bottle of Russo Fortissimo (Bin #807) tonight. Folks, this is a very good wine. Deep and dark in color, the nose begins with dark cherry and vanilla and ends with a hint of oak and leather. A well integrated taste profile of fruit and mild tannins. A very good drinking wine. I wish I had a big old italian sausage pizza to go with it! Great, now my mouth is watering...

Thank you for sharing, KC!

a Wine Student

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