Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cranberry Update #1

A brief word on the current status of the Cranberry experiment. I've been patiently monitoring the fermentation progress, and these little buggers are taking their sweet time.

As of today (January 19):
Cranberry-Niagra OB = 7.6, SG = 0.993, Actual Brix = -1.7
Cranberry-Banana OB = 8.2, SG = 0.997, Actual Brix = -0.8

I was just about the rack the Cranberry-Niagra grape wine when I measured the residual sugar with Accuvin test strips. RS = 1000 mg/L--still on the off-dry side.

Both wines are still bubbling CO2 gas through the airlocks (cranberry-banana is generating the most bubbles through the airlock.

I must be patient, even though Martin Luther King Day weekend would have been the perfect time to get everything racked, sulfited, and starting to clear. Patience, grasshopper, patience...


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